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Once you're satisfied with your font choice, hit 'Apply' in the upper right hand corner, then 'Ok' in the lower left hand corner. You're done! Farsi > Arabic Farsi (فارسی) < Arabic If you have a system that can't handle Arabic, you can try Persian (فارسی) instead, which is almost identical. 5) Full-Screen Mode for Photoshop You can now view your work at full-screen. In the top left corner of Photoshop, there's a small button which says 'Full Screen'. Click that. This will open Photoshop in 'Full-screen Mode'. You can also press CTRL + N to go to full-screen. Note that when you're in full-screen mode, you can't change things in the photoshop. You're basically just viewing your photoshop document. So if you want to change the size of your canvas, or change the position of your work, you can't do that when you're in full-screen mode. It's better to have two different windows open at the same time. One for the full-screen view, and one to work on the canvas. Anyways, once you're done viewing, close Photoshop > 'X' to close the window. 6) Check your work When you're viewing your work in Photoshop, you can check all the boxes in the side panel. To do this, go to 'Window' > 'Side Panel' > 'Side Panel Preview'. This will open up the right panel with the default settings. If you want to customize it, check the options at the top left. You can also preview your work in Photoshop at any time. To do this, go to 'File' > 'Preview'. To close it, go to 'File' > 'Exit Preview'. 7) Finalize your work Once you've done some preliminary changes, it's time to 'Save' your work to your Hard Drive. In the top left corner of Photoshop, there's a small button which says 'File' > 'Save'. You can then name your image. On the bottom left corner of Photoshop, there's another button which says 'Save' > 'As' > 'Web'. You



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Farsifontforphotoshopdownloadfree fregiot

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